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EFA-STT® high-speed turbo door

  • With its transparent laths, the EFA-STT® give every building a modern look.
  • The laths which are made of acrylic glass allow looking inside the building.
  • This natural light generates a pleasant working environment for the employees.
  • The door leaf consists at 70% of crystal clear acrylic glass.

The transparent door

Due to its laths which are made of crystal clear acrylic glass, the door leaf of the EFA-STT® is transparent at more than 70% - this fact makes it a worldwide unique high-speed door: robust but nevertheless completely transparent.

Advantages of a transparent door

In a passageway with traffic from both direction, by either pedestrians or machines, a transparent door offers decisive advantages. Accidents are prevented and smooth transport operations are guaranteed. The door leaf of the EFA-STT ® is kept apart a certain distance in the spiral. Thanks to this contact-less winding the transparent laths offer a good view with hardly any wear for many years. Therefore the whole door convinces with a perfect appearance, even in demanding working conditions.