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EFA-STR® high-speed turbo roll-up door

  • Due to the high opening speeds of the EFA-STR® the logistics processes of every company can be accelerated.
  • Aluminium profile reinforce the flexible door leaf and thus provide it with the necessary stability so that it can also be used as outside door.
  • A four-field window section provides for the necessary transparency if the door is closed.
  • Ideal for effective warehouse logistics, the EFA-STR®.

The fastest door worldwide

Thanks to its patented spiral technology, the EFA-STR® opens with an incredible speed of more than 4 m/s - this is the world record! With the EFA-STR®, your logistic processes become faster and more efficient. Our fastest door – a combination of the spiral-shaped door guidance and the flexible door blade guarantees you an optimal traffic flow!

High load capacity and extreme stability

The EFA-STR® does not only move with an incredible speed but also requires extremely low maintenance, is heavy-duty and extremely stable. The flexible door leaf is led laterally and is moved upwards and downwards in a force-closed manner: Linear expansions are ruled out. It consists of individually replaceable, 4-field module segments. Aluminium profiles reinforce the curtain with a distance of 225 mm.